new media services for
            the modern equestrian

Rns Videomedia, the premiere Equestrian service company in the United States, wants you to know about a few new services we’re offering this year.  For those of you not familiar with Rns (or Captain Edgar’s as some of  you older competitors may remember it) get on over to our website rnsvideomedia .com or visit our youtube (rnsvideo) channel.  So now that we’re all acquainted you’re probably saying, “Sure, you’ve given us swell coverage of Three-Day Events and horse trials across the country for twenty years, but what have you done for us lately”.  Well for starter we can clean off your shelves of those aging VHS tapes, help you sell a horse, or help you find sponsorship.  Read on.

VHS to DVD Transfer
Got twenty years worth of horsey VHS videos lining your shelves? Bring them into the 21st century by burning them to DVD.  We can turn them into playable DVDs or digital files you can store on your computer or share on-line.
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Private Webspace for Videos
Looking to sell a horse?  Want to show friends and family how you did at your last CCI?  Keep it personal, keep it private.  Share video with owners, sponsors without making it available to every YouTube surfing yokel.
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Farm and Rider Promotional Videos
Want to show off your brood mare or stallion?  Got a barn full of horses for sale?  Are you a professional athlete seeking sponsorhip?  Make a professional video part of your promotional package or web site. Affordable ways to join the information highway.
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