farm & rider promotional videos

If you want to show your mother how you did at your last event then sending out at copy of the show DVD or self shot footage is fine.  When you want to present yourself as a professional then it’s time get yourself a real promo video.  For a farm with a breeding program a frequently updated promotional video is a must as part of your promotional program.  The promotional video gives you the ability to carefully choose the footage that showcases the assets of you breeding line without the choppy editing of homemade videos. 

For riders looking for sponsorship, the promotional video is a perfect way to introduce yourself.  With or without a framing interview there is no better way to present yourself than through a succinct promotional piece.  We combine footage to create a condensed version of your equine career that answers the question, “Why should I sponsor this person?”.

The promotional video is a scalable item, from music over existing footage to interviews and location shooting.  Got some new stallions on the farm?  Got a whole new season of shows?  We can go back in and reedit whenever you’re ready.  Promotional videos can be uploaded to your website and integrated into your promotional materials


R.N.S. Videomedia

Day rate first camera location
Day rate second camera location
editing on site per hour $75
editing RNS suite per hour